Storyteller. Author. Tarot-ista. WordPress-er. Apple Fangirl. Mind Mapper. NOT a Coder.

Madhavi’s done a little bit of many things: she studied Economics, worked as an office assistant, worked in a call center for a bank, dabbled in copywriting for an ad agency, read and taught Tarot, and freelanced as a web content writer.

In the end, she decided to put her stories out there — the ones that she’d been secretly writing for all those years. Even her cards agreed that it was about time that she did.

Madhavi loves all kinds of Music, Mind Mapping, Mythology, Psychology, WordPress, Anime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and all of her Apple devices. She regularly binge watches Netflix and Korean dramas, while enjoying her coffee and green tea.

She loves everything to do with stories and storytelling.

If you have spent a lot of time figuring out what the cards are all about, but are stuck when it comes to actually doing a reading – then this is the book for you!
If you find it hard to connect with your intuition while doing a Reading, then this book will show you how.
If you can’t make sense of the cards in a spread, can’t figure out the story of the Reading, then this is the book you’ve been looking for!
You will learn how to:
Use Storytelling Techniques To unlock your hidden and untapped potential as an awesome Tarot Card Reader! Let these time-tested storytelling techniques enable you to deepen and strengthen your Reading.
Un-Freeze Yourself Every time you do a Reading. Use the storytelling techniques to enable yourself to do a Tarot Card Reading without any fears and doubts.
Access Your Intuition During a Reading Every time you do a Tarot Card Reading! Unlock your potential by using the Tarot Cards to access the hidden knowledge of your subconscious mind.
Get to Know Your Cards In a way that you’ve never known them before! Discover the stories hidden within the images of the Tarot Cards.
Get to Know Your Tarot Reading Spreads Like never before! Learn about the intricate interactions of the cards to build a firm foundation even before you begin the Reading.

Could Alyssa’s life get any more complicated?

Alyssa wrote her novels as she traveled among the stars aboard her ship, The Wandering Scribe. She had Cato, her ship’s AI for company. Life was perfect — free from complications and painful relationships.

She grudgingly decided to help a friend, only to find a gas cloud blocking her path. She and Cato decided to go through it, and ended up in even more trouble. To save Cato from being deleted, Alyssa agreed to jump through time and save a world from destruction.

One thing led to the other and she met Guy — the loving, thoughtful, passionate man who made her heart skip a beat.

Will her secrets destroy their love? Could she save their world? Is Guy her destiny? Can Alyssa conquer her fears and allow love into her life?

Join the adventure through space and time, discovering love, hope, and redemption.

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