Could Alyssa’s life get any more complicated? 

Alyssa wrote her novels as she traveled among the stars aboard her ship, The Wandering Scribe. She had Cato, her ship’s AI for company. Life was perfect — free from complications and painful relationships.

She grudgingly decided to help a friend, only to find a gas cloud blocking her path. She and Cato decided to go through it, and ended up in even more trouble. To save Cato from being deleted, Alyssa agreed to jump through time and save a world from destruction.

One thing led to the other and she met Guy — the loving, thoughtful, passionate man who made her heart skip a beat.

Will her secrets destroy their love? Could she save their world? Is Guy her destiny? Can Alyssa conquer her fears and allow love into her life?

Join the adventure through space and time, discovering love, hope, and redemption.

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