Email Newsletter Setup and Maintenance

Email Newsletter Setup and Maintenance

Email newsletter setup and maintenance can often seem like a very arduous task. However, when I take on your email newsletter setup and maintenance assignment, I can help you set up and also maintain the email newsletter on a regular basis.

Read my article about RSS Linked Mailing Lists to learn more about RSS linked mailing lists, and also about the popular mailing list / newsletter service providers.

Email Newsletter Setup and Maintenance : Where To Start?

Depending on your specific requirement, we can set up 3 basic types of email newsletters. They are:

  • Email Newsletters linked to your site’s RSS Feed,
  • Email Newsletters that are NOT linked to your site’s RSS Feed, and,
  • Email Newsletters that contain both!

So your email newsletter content can have either your site’s latest blog post, or it can be custom created content, or it can contain both! It all depends on what you want!

I use either AWeber or MailChimp for your email newsletter setup and maintenance. However, if you prefer any other site, then I can surely work with that as well.

During your email newsletter setup process, I can also do some basic design customization of the newsletter for you. However, if your requirements are very specific and design oriented, then I can also work with your designer / design team. I can also recommend a few good designers if you so specify.

Once the design and look of the site is set up, I can also link it up with your RSS Feed, and set up the newsletter’s frequency. This is highly customizable.

If you already have an existing database of e-mail addresses, then we can just as easily add them to this set up.

And the final stage would be adding the subscription form to your website.

How Do We Begin Our Email Newsletter Setup and Maintenance Process?

Just Contact Me or Book Your Appointment with me via TimeBridge to set up an online or telephone chat at a mutually convenient time and we can talk about your specific requirements for your e-mail newsletter and get it started! Also, do have a look at my Portfolio to see the kind of work I have done before.